Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzClipObjToBox - clips the given object so that it lies within the given box.
WlzClipObjToBox [-h] [-o<output object file>]
                [-x<x min>,<x max>]  [-y<y  min>,<y  max>] [-z<z min>,<z max>]
                [<input object file>]
-o Output object file
-x Column box limits.
-y Line box limits.
-z Plane box limits
-h Help, prints message.
-v Verbose operation (not enabled).
By default the input object is read from the standard input and the output object is written to the standard output. Box limit values are comma separated and default to the bounding box of the input objects domain. The default grey value type is the same as the input object grey value type.
Clips the a WLZ_2D_DOMAINOBJ or WLZ_3D_DOMAINOBJ object so that it lies within the given box.
A simple example of using WlzClipObjToBox to clip an object read from the standard input to a 0-128 cube.
WlzClipObjToBox -x0,128 -y0,128 -z0,128 <infile.wlz >outfile.wlz
An example which used the default values so that only the row and column lower bounds are clipped.
WlzClipObjToBox -x0, -y0, -o outfile.wlz infile.wlz
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzCutObjToBox(1) WlzClipObjToBox2D(3) WlzClipObjToBox3D(3)