Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzCMeshIntersectDom - creates a grey scale image from a conforming mesh in which the grey values are the interpolated mesh Gaussian curvature values.
WlzCMeshIntersectDom [-c] [-h] [-m] [-o<output object>] [-s] [-v]
                     [<mesh object>] [<domain object>]
-c Find the closest point on the surface to the domain if there is no intersection.
-d Distance normal to the surface within which to allow intersection..
-h Help, prints usage message.
-o Output object file.
-s Scale factor from the mesh to the 2D spatial domain.
-v Verbose output.
Creates a 2D domain object that is the (possibly scaled) intersection of the given 2.5D conforming mesh and the given 3D domain, with the intersection mapped from 3D to 2D using the displacements of the 2.5D mesh. The mesh must have valid displacements that trfansform it to a plane (as computed by WlzCMeshSurfaceMap(1)). By default files are read from the standard input and written to the standard output. If both the mesh and domain files are read from the standard input, the mesh is read before the domain object.
WlzCMeshIntersectDom -s10 -o out.wlz mesh.wlz in.wlz
Reads a 2D5 conforming mesh from the file mesh.wlz, computes the domain of intersection and scales it by a factor of 10. The 2D domain object is then writen to the file out.wlz.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzCMeshIntersect(3) WlzCMeshIntersectDom2D5(3) WlzCMeshFromContour(1) WlzCMeshSurfaceMap(1)