Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzConComThreholdObj - computes connected component threshold domain give seed points.
WlzConComThreholdObj [-d 2|3] [-h] [-r <radius>] [-R l|m|h]
                     [-s<seed point file>] [-S<seed point list>]
                     [-H|L|E] [-x <extra>] [-o<output file>] [<input object>]
-d Seed point dimension, 2 or 3 for 2 or 3D seeds.
-E Threshold equal, keep pixels/voxels with the threshold value at the seed points.
-H Threshold high, keep pixels/voxels at or above the threshold value at the seed points (default).
-L Threshold low, keep pixels/voxels at or below the threshold value at the seed points (watch out that this is different to WlzThreshold).
-h Show this usage message.
-o Output object file name (default -, stdout).
-r Radius of sampling region around seed points (default = 0, ie single pixel/voxel).
-R Use the lowest (l), mean (m) or highest (h) value in the sampling region as the threhold value (default mean).
-s File containing seed point coordinates, one per line.
-S Seed point coordinate list (comma separated).
-x Integer percentage p to add/subtract to/from the grey value at each seed, with v(s) * ((100 +/- p) / 100). The sign is choosen to keep the seed within the thresholded region also p is ignored for threshold equal (default p = 0).
Computes a connected component threshold domain for the given 2 or 3D image object, in which the threshold domain is the union of all connected regions, thresholded using a value at a seed point, which include that seed point. A command line seed point list must be give the seed points as comma separated values, while seed points in a file may comma or space separated but must each be on a seperate line. The dimension of the seed points is only needed for those specified using a command line list. Valid syntax for the seed points in a seed point list is:
  -d 2 -S <x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>...,<xn>,<yn>
  -d 3 -S<x1>,<y1>,<z1><x2>,<y2>,<z2>...,<xn>,<yn>,<zn>
Objects are read from stdin and written to stdout unless filenames are given.
WlzConComThreholdObj -d 2 -S 3,6,102,203 -r 2 -R l -s seedsfile -o out.wlz
                     -L in.wlz
The 2D seed points (3,6) and (102,203) are appended to the seed points read from the file "seedsfile". These are then used to threshold the 2D image read from the file "in.wlz" using the lowest value in a radius 2 circle around each seed point for the theshold value and forming the connected components using image values below these values. The output domain is then written to the file "out.wlz".
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzConComThreshold(3) WlzLabel(3) WlzThreshold(3)