Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzContourfrompoints - Compute contour from point sets.
WlzContourFromPoints [-h] [-2] [-3] [-o<out object>]
                     [-S<surface points file>]
                     [-I<inside points file>] [-O<outside points file>]
                     [-a#] [-b#] [-c#] [-d#] [-e#] [-D#] [-M#] [-T#]
-2 Points are 2D and contour is a curve in 2D.
-3 Points are 3D and contour is a surface in 3D.
-S On surface points file.
-I Inside points file.
-O Outside points file.
-a Surface points alpha value.
-b Inside points alpha value.
-c Outside points alpha value.
-d Inside points distance value.
-e Outside points distance value.
-D Delta multiorder spline soothing value.
-M Distance object sampling factor (can be used to reduce the number of surface facets.)
-T Tau multiorder spline soothing value.
-X Plane for 2D contour from 3D point sets.
-o Output object file name.
-h Help - print help message
-v Verbose operation
Unless specified, output to standard out.
Computes a contour from three point sets: inside; outside and on a surface. All points are given using the following ascii format:
x y z
WlzContourFromPoints -a 0.5 -b2 -c2 -d4 -e4 -D 0.1 -T 0.1
                     -I jelly_i.vtx -S jelly_s.vtx -O jelly_o.vtx
                     -o jelly_ctr.wlz
Computes a closed surface which approximatly fitts the surface points in jelly_s.vtx with points jelly_i.vtx inside the surface and points jelly_o.vtx outside the surface. The resulting contour object is written to jelly_ctr.wlz.
See Also
WlzContourObj(1) WlzContourFromPoints(3)