Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzContourGeomFilter - filters a contour model.
WlzContourGeomFilter [-h] [-o<output file>]
        [-l#] [-m#] [-n#]
        [-p#] [-s#] [-P#] [-S#] [<input file>]
-N Allow non manifild vertices to be filtered.
-l Filter parameter \(\lambda\).
-m Filter parameter \(\mu\).
-n The number of itterations. If the number of itterations is not given, then the pass and stop band ripple determine the number of itterations.
-p The band pass frequency parameter (kPB)
-s The band stop frequency parameter (kSB).
-P The maximum pass band ripple (dPB)
-S The maximum stop band ripple (dSB)
-o Output object file name.
-h Help - print help message
Low pass filters the geometry of a contour object to smooth without shrinkage.

For simple use to smooth a geometric model from a 2D or 3D contour don't use lambda and mu. Instead use: Values of kPB in the range [0.0100-0.1000], values of kSB in the range [1.000-1.9999]. The default ripple values are probably acceptable for most simple filters. Simple example, which filters a contour smoothing out voxel edges: prompt% WlzContourGeomFilter -o out.wlz -p 0.1 -s 1.5 -n 100 in.wlz This example passes the geometric model from the contour object in in.wlz through a low pass filter with a transition band starting at 0.1 and ending with the stop band at 1.5. A maximum of 100 itterations are performed. If the output from the filter was not sufficiently smooth then the ripple values could be decreased. If you want to design a more complex filter or one that is not a low pass (smoothing) filter then see either: Gabriel Taubin Curve and Surface Smoothing without Shrinkage International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV'95) Conference Procedings 827-857 1995 or Gabriel Taubin A Signal Processing Approach to Fair Surface Design Computer Graphics, 29, 351-358 1995. Use the -h flag to see the default parameter values.

WlzContourGeomFilter -o smooth.wlz in.wlz
Smooths the input contour model in.wlz and writes the smoothed result to smooth.wlz.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzGMFilterGeomLPParam(3) WlzGMFilterGeomLPLM(3)