Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzExplode - Explodes Woolz objects into component objects.
WlzExplode [-b <file body>] [-e <file extension>] [-h] [-p]
           [<input object file>]
-b Output object file body.
-p Use names from the object properties instead of a numerical index for the file names. If the objects don't have properties with names then the numerical index will still be used.
-e Output object file extension (default wlz).
-h Help - print help message
-v Verbose operation
Objects are read from stdin and written to stdout unless the filenames are given.
Explodes the input 3D Woolz domain object into 2D domain objects or explodes an input compound object into its constituent objects or explodes the input boundary object into its constituent polylines. An output file extension can only be given if an output file body is also given.
# An example using WlzExplode explode a 3D object into a series of
# 2D object files. If lobster.wlz has plane coordinates from 7 to 36
# then 30 output files will be created with file names:
#   lobsterPlane000007.wlz, ..., lobsterPlane000036.wlz

WlzExplode -b lobsterPlane lobster.wlz

# A simple example in which a 3D object is read from the standard input
# exploded and the 2D objects concatonated to the standard output.

WlzExplode <infile3D.wlz >outfile2D.wlz

# WlzExplode can decompose Woolz colour objects into their red, green, blue
# and alpha components. In the following example, in which the the colour
# components of object toucan.wlz are exploded with toucan000000.wlz the
# red component, toucan000001.wlz the green, toucan000002.wlz the blue
# and toucan000003.wlz the alpha component.

WlzExplode -b toucan -c toucan.wlz
See Also
WlzContruct3D(1), WlzCompound(1) WlzExplode3D(3) WlzRGBAToCompound(3)