Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzGeometryTrackUpAndDown - interpolates tie-point bibfiles.
WlzGeometryTrackUpAndDown [-h] [-s #] [-t #] [-n #] [-o #] [-O #] [-i #]
                          [-l #] [-j #] [-J #] [-a #] [-A #] [-b #] [-B #]
                          [-c #] [-d #] [-e #] [-E #] [-f #] [-F #] [-g #]
                          [-G #] [<input file>]
-h Help, prints usage message.
-L Input file which contains the list of 2D Woolz contour image file names.
-s Output file for surface points.
-t Input number to decide track down or up, with 0 - track down (the default) and 1 - track up.
-o Output file to show the shells and loops.
-O Output file for surface points and their distance to the surface.
-n Number of pixels for z-direction of vtk contour.
-d Maximum distance in number of pixels allowed to be tracked, default 10.
-f Distance in number of pixels for in and out points, default 15.
-F Distance in number of pixels for in and out points guid, default is 15.
-g Number of files to tack up or down, default is 5.
-G Start tracking file number (counting from 0), default 5.
-j Length to be used to segment the line in unit of number of pixels, default 40.
-C Length to be used to sample the data in unit of number, default 30.
-l Number of lth loop for output.
-a Start shell number (not index) for tracking.
-A End shell number (not index) for tracking.
-b Start section number for tracking.
-B End section number for tracking.
Automatically interpolates tie point bibfiles. The user needs to prepare some sample 2D Woolz File names which contains a number of files with which the middle one will be used as a standard contour and a start plan to track up and down. The base part of sample bib file's name should be the same as that of 2D Woolz file.
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