Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzImageArithmetic - binary image arithmetic on a pair of domain objects.
WlzImageArithmetic [-o<out file>] [-a] [-d] [-l] [-g] [-i] [-m] [-s]
                   [-n] [-N] [-h] [-O#] [<in object 0>] [<in object 1>]
-h Help, prints usage message.
-o Output file name.
-a Add the object's grey values.
-d Divide the grey values of the 1st object by those of the 2nd.
-g Vector magnitude of horizontal and vertical component objects.
-i Dither values when setting range.
-l Compute the modulus of the grey values of the 1st object wrt those of the 2nd.
-m Multiply the object's grey values.
-s Subtract the grey values of the 2nd object from those of the 1st.
-n Normalises the output object to the range of the input objects.
-N Normalises the output objects to the range [0-255].
-O Overwrite option (only useful for debugging).
Computes an arithmetic binary (two objects) operation on two domain objects. The default operator is add. The input objects are read from stdin and values are written to stdout unless the filenames are given.
cat obj1.wlz | WlzImageArithmetic -o obj3.wlz -a  obj2.wlz
A new object obj3.wlz is formed by adding the grey values of obj1 and obj2.wlz.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzImageArithmetic(3)