Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzIndexObjFromCompound - creates a grey value index object from a compound array object..
WlzIndexObjFromCompound [-h] [-o<output index object>]
                        [<input compound object>]
-h Help, prints usage message.
-o Output file name, default standard output.
Reads a compound array object, which must contain only 2D or 3D domain objects or empty objects and uses the domain objects to create a new spatial domain object with grey values; the grey values being indices of the domains in the given compound array object.

The domain of the new object is the union of the domains of the objects in the given compound array object. The values are set so that all values in the domain of the i'th compound array object are set to i, with i incremented from 0 through to one less than the number of objects in the compound array object. If the domains overlap then higher index objects will overwrite lower index objects within their intersection. This binary can be considered the inverse of WlzIndexObjToCompound.

See Also
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