Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzLUTGreyTransformMerge - Merges integer look up table grey transforms to form a RGB \(\alpha\) grey transform.
WlzLUTGreyTransformMerge [-o<output file>] [-h]
           [<red LUT>] [<green LUT>] [<blue LUT>] [<alpha LUT>]
-h Help, prints a usage message.
-o output object file name.
Reads integer look up table objects given on the command line and merges them to form a red,green,blue, \(\alpha\) look up table object. Any of the look up table object file names can be replaced by the string
. Any of the input files may be read from the standard input. If no files are given on the command line all files will be read from the standard input, otherwise a
in place of a file name may be used to specify standard input. When reading from the standard input an empty object may be used as well as integer look up table objects, with these read in the order red, green, blue, alpha (the same as the command line order). When a NULL or empty object is used it implies an identity look up table. By default the merged look up table is written to the standard output.
  # Merges three look up tables red.wlz, green.wlz and alpha.wlz
  # together with and identity look up table for the blue channel
  # to form a RGBA look up table object that is written to rgba.wlz.
  cat green.wlz | WlzLUTGreyTransformMerge -o rgba.wlz red.wlz - NULL alpha.wlz
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzFacts(1) WlzLUTGreyTransformNew(3) WlzLUTMergeToRGBA(3) WlzLUTTransformObj(1) WlzMakeEmpty(1)