Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzLUTGreyTransformObj - Reads, writes, computes and applies grey value look up tables.
WlzLUTGreyTransformObj [-o<output object file>] [-h]
           [-d] [-i] [-A] [-N] [-T] [-f E|G|I|L|S] [-g i|r] [-G i|s|u|r]
           [-l#] [-u#] [-L#] [-U#] [-p#] [-q#] [-t <input LUT>]
           [<input object>]
-h Help, prints a usage message.
-d Dither grey values.
-i Apply LUT grey value transform in place.
-A Output the LUT as ASCII text to the output file.
-N No LUT transformation (input object is not required).
-T Output the LUT as a Woolz object to the output file.
-f Grey transform function with which to set the look up table specified by a single letter (case insensitive and rest of word is ignored):
-g LUT grey type specified by a single letter:
i (32 bit) integer,
r (32 bit) red,green,blue,alpha colour,
-G Output grey type specified by a single letter:
i (32 bit) integer,
s (16 bit) short integer,
u (8 bit) unsigned byte,
r (32 bit) red,green,blue,alpha colour.
-l Lower input grey value.
-u Upper input grey value.
-L Lower output grey value.
-H Upper output grey value.
-p First grey transform parameter. This is unused for identity and linear transforms, but is \(\gamma\) or sigmoid \(\mu\).
-q Second grey transform parameter. This is unused for identity, linear and gamma transforms, but is \(\sigma\) for sigmoid transforms.
-t Read LUT from a Woolz object file.
-o output object file name.
Reads or computes a look up table object and then either applies this to a grey value object or writes out the lookup table object. If a look up table object is specified on the command line then none of the command line grey transform primatives are used. By default files are read from the standard input and written to the standard output.

Remaps the grey values of the given input object so that they

are unsigned bytes, mapped from the input range 0-4095 to the

output range 0-255, using a Gamma function with a Gamma value

of 0.6.

WlzLUTGreyTransformObj -l 0 -u 4095 -L 0 -U 255 -f G -g i -G u -p 0.6 -o out.wlz in.wlz

See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzFacts(1) WlzLUTGreyTransformNew(3) WlzLUTTransformObj(3)