Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzMatchICPObj - object matching using ICP based registration.
WlzMatchICPObj [-b#] [-d#] [-D#] [-E#] [-o#] [-t#] [-g#] [-i#] [-s#]
               [-A#] [-S#] [-F#] [-I#] [-N] [-h]
               [<input object 0>] [<input object 1>]
-h Help, prints usage message.
-b Shell breaking control value.
-d Debug output file.
-D Debug flag, 0 no debug output or 1 output untransformed decomposed source model.
-E Tolerance in mean registration metric value.
-o Output file name.
-t Initial affine transform.
-P Minimum number of simplices per matched shell segment, with a pair of correspondence points possibly being generated per matched shell segment.
-i Maximum number of iterations.
-s Minmum number of simplicies.
-A Maximum angle (degrees) from a global transformation.
-S Maximum displacement from a global transformed position.
-F Maximum deformation from a global transformation.
-I Implausibility threshold for rejecting implausible correspondence points which should be greater than zero, although the useful range is probably [0.5-2.5]. Higher values allow more implausible matches to be returned.
-N Number of match points in neighbourhood when checking the plausibility of the correspondence points.
Reads a pair of contours and computes a set of correspondence points using an ICP based matching algorithm. The correspondence points are ranked by plausibility, with the most plausible first. The tie points are generated using and algorithm which continualy matches fragments of the contours (shells), while these fragments ar decomposed into smaller fragments.
WlzMatchICPObj -I1000 -N2 -A15 -S15.0 -F0.5 -s15 -b1000
               -o out.num pair_A_OPT_c_s50.wlz pair_A_HE_c_s50.wlz
Reads two contour models from files pair_A_OPT_c_s50.wlz and pair_A_HE_c_s50.wlz, then generates a list of tie points and writes them to the file out.num. The fragments of the contour models (shells) will decompose until a decomposition would result in a shell having less than 15 edges. If any source shell fails to match a target shell using constrains of 15 degrees maximum rotation, 15 pixels displacement and a maximum deformation of 50% then the shell will be rejected. At the end of the decomposition process each shell will be used to generate two tie points. The implausibility threshold is set so high that no ti points will be rejected as being implausible.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzBasisFnTransformObj(1) WlzMatchICPObjs(3)