Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzPerturbLandmarks - perturbs a of landmark vertices.
WlzPerturbLandmarks [-A] [-2] [-3] [-h] [-c <constraining domain>]
                    [-d <max displacement>] [-o <output landmark file>]
                    [-s <seed>] [<input landmark file>]
-A Landmarks are absolute (rather than relative). This flag is respected by both the input and output.
-2 Landmarks and optional constraining domain are 2D.
-3 Landmarks and optional constraining domain are 3D (default).
-c Constraining domain. If not supplied there is no constraint. The constraint domain may be either a mesh or spatial domain object. If a mesh is given then the landmarks will be constrained to lie within it and will remain valid for constrained mesh transforms.
-d Maximum displacement distance (default 1.0, one pixel/voxel).
-s Seed for random displacements.
-h Help, prints a usage message.
Perturbs a set of landmark vertices using a random displacement, while constraining the landmarks to lie within a given domain. Landmarks are read from a text file with the format:
  <vertex x> <vertex y> [<vertex z>] <disp x> <disp y> [<disp z>]
unless the absolute flag is set in which case the displacement columns are interpreted as target vertices. By default files are read from the standard input and the perturbed landmarks file is written to the standard output.
WlzPerturbLandmarks -o out.num -c mesh.wlz -d 10 landmarks.num
3D landmarks are read from the white space seperated text file 'landmarks.num' and perturbed by addding a random displacement which is within the maximum distance 10 and the constraining domain (read from 'mesh.wlz'). The perturbed landmarks are written to the file 'out.num'.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzAffineTransformLSq(1) WlzBasisFnTransformObj(1)