Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzRBFContourObj -
WlzBFContourObj [-o<output object>] [-h] [-o] [-s#] [-S#] [-Z#]
                [-f#] [-F#]
                [-a#] [-A#] [-d#] [-t#] [-M#] [-U] [<input object>]
-h Help, prints usage message.
-o Output object file name.
-s Distance for points inside domain surface.
-S Distance for points outside domain surface.
-Z Distance from domain surface within which to evaluate the radial basis function.
-f Sampling factor for surface points.
-F Sampling factor for interior and extrior points.
-a Surface alpha value, must be greater than zero.
-A Interior and extrior alpha value, must be greater than zero.
-d Multiorder spline delta value.
-t Multiorder spline tau value.
-M Distance object sampling factor (can be used to reduce the number of surface facets).
-U Use unit voxel size.
Computes a contour from a domain by using radial basis function to approximate the signed distance to the boundary of the domain and then extracting the zero level set through the volume as a contour. The input object is read from stdin and output data are written to stdout unless filenames are given.
WlzRBFContourObj -o out.wlz -Z20 in.wlz
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzContourObj(1) WlzContourRBFBndObj3D(3)