Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
Wlz3DGetSection - gets an arbitrary slice from a 3D object.
Wlz3DGetSection  [-h] [-A] [-C] [-L] [-N]
                 [-a <pitch,yaw[,roll]>] [-f <fx,fy,fz>]
                 [-d <dist>] [-b <parameter bibfile>] [-m <mode>]
                 [-r <vox scaling>] [-s <scale>] [-o <output file>]
                 [-t<view transform>] [-u<ux,uy,uz>] [<3D object input file>]
-h Prints usage information.
-A Output all sections in the transformed view. This will output each section with the given view orientation into files using the output filename as a stub. If no output file is defined plane_????.wlz will be used.
-C Use classifier interpolation.
-L Use linear interpolation.
-N Use nearest neighbour interpolation.
-a Viewing angles in degrees. If roll is defined then the mode is "absolute"..
-b Bibfile defining the view parameters e.g. from MAPaint or warp input I/O. Override all other parameter input.
-f Fixed point position, default (0,0,0).
-d Distance parameter, default 0.0.
-m Viewing mode, possible values:
Parameter value Viewing mode
0 up-is-up, default
1 statue
2 absolute
-r Voxel size rescaling mode flags: bit 1 set - use voxel-size rescaling, bit 2 set - enable global scaling, default 1.0.
-s Scale factor, default 1.0.
-o Output filename, default is stdout.
-t View transform file.
-u Up vector for up-is-up mode, default (0, 0, -1).
Gets an arbitrary slice from a 3D object, writing the 2D object to standard output.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzGetSectionFromObject(3)