Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
Extended Woolz Applications.

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file  Wlz3DGetProjection.c
 Command line binary to project a Woolz object using a view transform.
file  Wlz3DGetSection.c
 Gets an arbitrary slice from a 3D object.
file  Wlz3DViewTransformBitmap.c
 Transform a bitmap on a section view to a 3D object.
file  Wlz3DViewTransformObj.c
 Transforms a section view to a 3D object.
file  WlzApplyTileFunction.c
 Apply a function for each tile to the associated image and output a vector of values.
file  WlzBibToMeshTrans.c
 Generates a mesh transform from an MAPaint bibfiile of basis function parameters and tie-points.
file  WlzBibTransAbsRel.c
 Reads a reconstruction bibfile and writes it back out with either absolute or relative transforms.
file  WlzCelCmpFeatures.c
 Extracts domains for clumps and cells within clumps both from within the given image. The cells and clumps are used to compute numerical features and these are output together with "colorised" images showing the segmentation.
file  WlzClassMap.c
 Generate a class image from a set of probability images, setting colours from a standard list.
file  WlzDisplacement.c
 Computes displacement object.
file  WlzDisplacementToVtk.c
 Computes VTK visualisation of displacements.
file  WlzDomainAdjacencyMatrix.c
 Calculate the adjacency profiles for a given domain with respect to a set of domains. Each profile is output as a row in a matrix. The first row in the matrix indicates the adjacency distance.
file  WlzDomainMatch.c
 Calculate a similarity value for a pair or set of woolz domains. This has been developed for the purposes of analysing the EMAGE gene-expression data.
file  WlzDomainMatchMatrix.c
 Calculate a similarity value for a pair or set of woolz domains. This has been developed for the purposes of analysing the EMAGE gene-expression data.
file  WlzDomainOccupancy.c
 Computes the occupancy of a domain with respect to it's planes.
file  WlzDomainToTiles.c
 Cut a woolz domain object into tiles or chips of equal size. With the tiff-tile option the object is reset to origin (0,0) and each tile has origin (0,0) and the tiles are ordered in the tiff-tile sequence.
file  WlzDrawDomainObj.c
 Reads a string of drawing commands and from them draws a 3D domain object. All drawing commands are on a section plane which is defined by the view transform.
file  WlzEMAP.h
 Special defines for the EMAP extension to the Woolz library.
file  WlzEMAPDomainTransform.c
 Apply a warp transform to an EMAP model domain to convert to a linked model.
file  WlzEMAPTransformUtils.c
 Utilities to transform between standard EMAP models.
file  WlzEuclidDistanceMap.c
 Calculate the Euclidean distance from the input vertex to all parts of the domain.
file  WlzExtractTransform.c
 Finds the affine transforms from a reconstruction bibfile.
file  WlzFixDomains.c
 Fixes flying pixels and small holes in domains.
file  WlzFixedPlaneAlign.c
 Reset the transforms in a bibfile so that fixed planes are fixed.
file  WlzIndexBoundaries.c
 Calculate the boundaries for a set of threshold levels.
file  WlzInterpolateSectionViewerBibFiles.c
 Automatically interpolates bib files.
file  WlzMatchICPPlane.c
 Compute tie points for a computed plane of section in a reference object and a 2D object, where these are read from an 'MAPaint 2D warp input parameters' bibfile.
file  WlzObjCompareSpecial_01.c
 Compares a pair of objects and prints some statistics.
file  WlzOccupancy.c
 Calculate the occupancy of each pixel with respect to a series of domains.
file  WlzPatchObjRegister.c
 Registers patch objects and outputs a single object.
file  WlzPosterProcessForStackupKeep3StraitLines.c
 Compute transforms to stack sections keeping verticals.
file  WlzProductTransform.c
 Computes the product transform for bibfiles.
file  WlzProjectDomain.c
 Projects a 3D domain onto a single section 3D projection as used for EMAGE wholemounts.
file  WlzRadialDistribution.c
 Outputs the radial distribution of components of the input image.
file  WlzRawToWlz.c
 Converts raw data to a Woolz object.
file  WlzReconstruct.c
 Reconstructs a 3D object using the information a Reconstruct bibfile.
file  WlzSizeSelect.c
 Selects components of an object's domain on the basis of area.
file  WlzSplitImage.c
 Splits an object that is composed of several components seperated by background into seperate objects.
file  WlzSplitMontage.c
 Splits a montage object - one that is composed of several components separated by a gap.
file  WlzTiffStackToPatches.c
 Converts a TIFF stack to a compound object representing the set of patches or mosiac tiles.
file  WlzTiffStackToShade.c
 Converts a TIFF stack to a shade object.
file  WlzVTKTensor.c
 Converts a Woolz conforming mesh object with tensor values to a VTK polydata file with tensor dataset attributes.
file  WlzVtxDistance.c
 Calculate distance between two vertices.
file  WlzVtxToObj.c
 Builds a Woolz domain object from a vertex.

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Defines module BinWlzApp.