Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzAffineTransformObj - Applies an affine transform to a Woolz object.
WlzAffineTransformObj [-o<output object file>]
           [-L] [-M] [-N] [-P] [-R] [-h] [-3] [-i]
           [-x#][-y"#] [-z#] [-s#] [-t#]
           [-a#] [-b#] [-u#] [-v#] [-w#] [<input object file>]
-3 3D transform instead of 2D.
-L use linear interpolation instead of nearest neighbour.
-M print matix values.
-N no transformation.
-P print transform primatives.
-R use radians for angles instead of degrees.
-a rotation about the z-axis.
-b rotation about the y-axis.
-h help, prints usage message.
-i invert: reflect about the y-axis.
-o output object file name.
-s scale factor.
-t affine transform object.
-u shear strength.
-v shear angle in x-y plane.
-w 3D shear angle.
-x column (x) translation.
-y row (y) translation.
-z plane (z) translation.
-h Help - print this message
-v Verbose operation
By default the input object is read from the standard input and the transformed object is written to the standard output.
WlzAffineTransformObj either reads an affine transform from the given file or computes one from the given transform primitives. If a trans- form object is specified then none of the transform primatives are used. Provided that the no transform flag is not set, then WlzAffine- TransformObj transforms the input object.

WlzAffineTransformObj reads an object from myobj.wlz, shifts the

object 100 columns and 200 lines and then writes the transformed

object to the standard output.

WlzAffineTransformObj -x100 -y200 myobj.wlz > transformed.wlz

See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzFacts(1) WlzAffineTransformObj(1) WlzTransformProduct(1) WlzAffineTransformObj(3)
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