Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzExtFFConstruct3D - Constructs a 3D image from 2D images, assuming perfect alignment.
WlzExtFFConstruct3D [-h] [-f] [-o<output file>] [-p #] [-s #,#,#]
                    [<file>|<input file list>]
-o Output file name, default to standard out.
-f Input file is a list of image files
-p Coordinate of the first plane
-s Voxel size (x, y, z).
-G Apply grey value transforms.
-S Use spatial transforms to create WLZ_TRANS_OBJ objects " (by default just offsets are applied).
-h Help - print help message
-v Verbose operation
Read a single 2D image from each image file and writes a 3D image.
Given a set of 2D image files, these are read in turn and used to build a 3D image. Alignment of the 2D images is assumed to be perfect and is not addressed. The 2D image files can either be given on the command line or in a file. If a file is used to give the 2D image file names then there should be one image file name per line, although lines which start with a '#' character will be treated as comments and ignored. File formats are specified using the file 'extension' (.bmp, .jpg, .wlz, etc) in the file name. The dash character ('-') can be used to specify the standard input and standard output, in which case the Woolz object format is used. The word 'NULL' may be used to specify an empty section.
WlzExtFFConstruct3D img-00.bmp img-01.bmp img-02.bmp img-03.bmp >out.wlz
Constructs a 3D Woolz object from the 2D images in img-0X.bmp.
WlzExtFFConstruct3D -f -o out.am  img-list.txt

Constructs a 3D Amira lattice file from the 2D images in given (one per line) in the file img-list.txt.

See Also
WlzExplode(1) WlzMakeEmpty(1) WlzConstruct3DObjFromFile(3)