Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzExtFFConvert - converts image objects between file formats.
WlzExtFFConvert [-h] [-s] [-G] [-S] [-b<background>]
                [-f<input format>] [-F<output format>]
                [-x<x size>] [-y<y size>] [-z<z size>]
                [-o<output file>] [<input file>)]
-h Prints usage information.
-s Split labeled volumes into domains.
-G Apply grey value transforms.
-S Use spatial transforms to create WLZ_TRANS_OBJ objects (by default just offsets are applied).
-b Set background to value.
-d Set size of minimum dimension, i.e. min of width or height.
-D Set size of maximum dimension, i.e. max of width or height.
-f Input file format.
-F Ouput file format.
-o Output file name.
-x Column (x) voxel/pixel size.
-y Line (y) voxel/pixel size.
-z Plane (z) voxel/pixel size.
Converts objects between one file format and another, neither of which need be the Woolz data file format. By default objects are read from the standard input and written to the standard output.

The valid file formats are:

Description Format Extension
Amira Lattice am .am
Analyze anl .hdr/.img
BioRad Confocal pic .pic
Graphics Interchange Format gif .gif
GRUMMP VMESH vmesh .vmesh
ICS ics .ics/.ids
IPLab ipl .ipl
Jonathan Shewchuk's mesh format node .node
JPEG jpg .jpg
Microsoft Bitmap bmp .bmp
NETGEN tetrahedral mesh mesh .mesh
PNM pnm .pgm
SLC slc .slc
Stanford Density den .den
Sunvision VFF vff .vff
Text txt .txt
TIFF tif .tif
Visualization Toolkit VTK vtk .vtk
MRC HGU Woolz wlz .wlz

The TIFF file format must be read/written from/to a file and not from/to the standard input/output.

Not all formats can retain position information i.e. they can only keep the size of the bounding box. In these formats the size of the bounding box is maintained but the position is set to (0,0). This implies that conversion back to woolz will, in general, result in a shifted image, i.e. registration is lost. Most 3D formats encode this data, of the 2D formats only woolz can retain all offsets, TIFF can only encode positive offsets.

Note the text format is output only and currently only valid or UBYTE, short and int grey types.

WlzExtFFConvert -f wlz -F slc <in.wlz >out.slc

Converts the Woolz object in.wlz to an SLC data file out.slc.

WlzExtFFConvert -f den -F pnm -o out.pgm in.den

Converts the Stanford density file in.den to a series of PGM files each with a name of the form out000001.pgm where the number encodes the image plane and a control file which specifies the volume origin, size and voxel dimensions.

See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzEffReadObj(3) WlzEffWriteObj(3)