Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
Data Format Conversion




file  WlzExtFFAffineTrFitBox.c
 Computes the Woolz affine transform which makes the bounding box of the first object equal to that of the second.
file  WlzExtFFConstruct3D.c
 Constructs a 3D image from 2D images, assuming perfect alignment.
file  WlzExtFFContourObj.c
 A program to extract boundary, maximal gradient and isosurface contours from 2 or 3D Woolz and saving them in VTK format files.
file  WlzExtFFConvert.c
 Woolz binary which uses the external file formats extension to convert object data file formats.
file  WlzExtFFDefGrdExportVTK.c
 Exports tensor deformation features as computed by WlzDGTensorFeatures(3) to a legacy ASCII VTK format file.
file  WlzExtFFImportITKSnapSeg.c
 Imports an ITKSnap segmentation to Woolz.
file  WlzExtFFWlzToXYZ.c
 Converts a set of woolz domain files (3D binary) with associated ID file to GW XYZ format. The ID file holds a set of ids unique for each domain.
file  WlzSAToWlz.c
 Convert the Smart Atlas polygons to a Woolz boundaries.
file  WlzTiff2Wlz.c
 Convert TIFF images file to Woolz format.

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