Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzHistogramMatchObj - Histogram matches a Woolz domain object.
WlzHistogramMatchObj  -m<target>
           [-o<output object file>] [-h]
           [-D] [-s<smoothing>] [-t<smoothing>]
           [-i] [-d<min>,<max>] [<input object file>]
-D dither pixel values when mapping.
-m target histogram object file.
-s input object histogram smoothing.
-t target histogram smoothing.
-i independent planes.
-d histogram distance range.
-o Output object file name.
-h Help - print help message
-v Verbose operation
By default the input object is read from the standard input and the output object is written to the standard output.
The histogram distance range limits are comma separated and default to 0.0,1.0.
If a histogram distance range is given, then only the domain objects/planes which have a histogram within that distance range from the target histogram are matched.
Modifies the grey values of the input object so that the histogram of the modified object's grey values matches the target histogram.
The smoothing factor is the low-pass gaussian convolution kernel half-height full-width in bins (default 0), used to smooth the his- togram(s) before matching.
# An example which uses WlzHistogramMatchObj and WlzHistogramObj to
# match the histogram of one domain object to another.
# an object.

WlzHistogramObj refObj.wlz | \
WlzHistogramMatchObj -m - -o matchedObj.wlz myObj.wlz

# An example which uses WlzHistogramMatchObj to match all planes of
# a 3D image to plane 100.

WlzClipObjToBox -z 100,100 my3Dobj.wlz| \
WlzHistogramObj - | \
WlzHistogramMatchObj -m - -o matched3DObj.wlz my3Dobj.wlz
See Also
WlzHistogramObj(1), WlzClipObjToBox(1), WlzHistogramMatchObj(3)