Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzNObjsGreyStats - computes basic grey value statistics across multiple objects.
WlzNObjsGreyStats [-h] [-m] [-s] [-o<output file>] [<input objects>]
-m Output mean not sum of object values.
-s Output standard deviation not sum of squares of object values.
-o Output file name, by default the output objecta are written to the standard out.
-h Help - print help message
Reads objects (including compound objects) from the given files in turn: First from the files specified on the commandline and then from the standard input.

The output objects are written to a single compound object. Each object of the compound object will have the same domain (which is the intersection of the input object domains) and values for the simple statistics. The statistics generated are min value, max value, sum of values and sum of squares of values. The objects will have their name properties set to: min, max, sum, ssq, mean and dev as appropriate.

cat obj1.wlz obj2.wlz obj3.wlz | WlzNObjsGreyStats -s -m obj4.wlz >out.wlz
Creates a compound object with four component objects, the domains of which are all the intersection of the domains of the input objects (obj[1-4].wlz) and the values are the minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation of the input object values across the objects within the intersection domain.
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