Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5


file  WlzOffsetDistance.c
 Computes an equidistant object between a pair of doimain objects. "".

Detailed Description

WlzOffsetDistance - computes equidistant object between a pair of domain objects.
WlzOffsetDistance [-m#] [-S] [-o<out file>] [-h] [<object 1>] [<object 2>]
-m Maximum distance to consider (default 0, limit is convex hull).
-S Output statistics rather than distance object. Output statistics are printed on a single line with the order: volume, min, max, sum, sum of squares, mean, standard deviation.
-o Output file.
-h Help, prints usage message.
Computes an object with domain and values that are the set of minimum distances between the two given objects. The equidistant boundary is computed between the domains of the two given objects, within the maximum distance limit and within the convex hull of the union of the two given object's domains. By default all files are read from the standard input and written to the standard output.
WlzOffsetDistance -o out.wlz obj1.wlz obj2.wlz
Creates a new domain object corresponding to the minimum equidistant voxel set between the given objects, with maximum distance constrained only be the convex hull of the two given objects. The resulting object is written to the file out.wlz.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzOffsetDist(3) WlzClassifyRCC(1) WlzGreyStats(1)