Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzRandomAffineTransform - creates an affine transform with random transfrom primatives.
WlzRandomAffineTransform [-h] [-o<output object>] [-2] [-3]
                         [-R] [-g] [-r] [-t]
                         [-x #] [-X #] [-y #] [-Y #] [-z #] [-Z #]
                         [-a #] [-A #] [-b #] [-B #]
                         [-u #] [-U #] [-v #] [-V #] [-w #] [-W #]
                         [-s #] [-S #] [-e #]
-h Help, prints usage message.
-o Output affine transform object.
-2 2D transform, default.
-3 3D transform.
-R Use radians for angles instead of degrees.
-g General affine transform.
-r Rigid body transform.
-t Translation only transform.
-x Mean column (x) translation.
-X Half range of column (x) translation.
-y Mean row (y) translation.
-Y Half range of row (y) translation.
-z Mean plane (z) translation.
-Z Half range of plane (z) translation.
-a Mean rotation about the z-axis.
-A Half range of rotation about the z-axis.
-b Mean rotation about the y-axis.
-B Half range of rotation about the y-axis.
-u Mean shear strength.
-U Half range of shear strength.
-v Mean shear angle in x-y plane.
-V Half range of shear angle in x-y plane.
-w Mean 3D shear angle.
-W Half range of 3D shear angle.
-s Mean scale factor.
-S Half range of scale factor.
-e Integer seed for random number generator.
Creates a random affine transform from random transfrom primatives. The default mean and half range of the primatives is 0.0 except for the scale which is 1.0 \(\pm\) 0.0.
WlzRandomAffineTransform -t -2 -x 1 -X 4.2 -y 1 -Y 8
Creates a 2D translation only transform with random translations of 1.0 \(\pm\) 4.2 (x) and 1.0 \(\pm\) 8.0 (y) which is written to the standard output.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzAffineTransformObj(1) WlzAffineTransformFromPrimVal(3)