Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzSplitImage - splits an object that is composed of several components seperated by background into seperate objects.
WlzSplitImage [-h] [-v] [-b#] [-d] [-f#] [-F#] [-n#] [-s#]
              <path to image file>
-h Prints usage information.
-v Be verbose, probably only useful for debugging.
-b Border width for each component image object.
-d Write the component image objects to separate directories using MA Editorial office conventions.
-f Input image format, default is to use the input file extension.
-F Output image format, default is same as input.
-n Number of component images to extract, value 2.
-s Histogram smoothing parameter, value 5.
WlzSplitImage splits the given image into component images, with a border region around each one and the components being numbered 1, 2, .... The image is split using the image values or their modulus of the image is colour. At least 20% of the image should be background and there should be a good background/foreground brightness contrast. The output images are sorted by column origin of the bounding boxes, ie the component numbrs increase from left to right. origins of their bounding boxes increase.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzLabel(1) WlzThreshold(1) WlzSplitMontage(1)