Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzDomainOccupancy - computes the occupancy of a domain with respect to it's planes.
WlzDomainOccupancy [-h] [-a] [-o<out>] [-b<sec bib>] [-c] [-p<sep>]
                   [-s<sec trm>] [-x] [-y] [-z] [<in obj>]
-h Prints usage information.
-a Output plane occupancy area or number of domains rather than the default binary values (ie 0 or 1).
-b Planes defined by an MAPaint style bib file.
-c Output plane occupancy numbers using comma rather than white space separation.
-p Plane separation distance (default 1.0).
-r Output plane occupany as a single row of plane coordinates.
-s Planes defined by a Woolz section transform object.
-x Planes are columns in the domain.
-y Planes are lines in the domain.
-z Planes are object planes in the domain.
Computes the occupancy of a domain or compound array object with respect to the planes through it. By default these planes are simply the x-y planes orthogonal to the z-axis but a different set of planes may be specified by: an MAPaint style bib file, a Woolz section transform object or by selecting one of the orthogonal axis plane propagation directions (x, y or z). The occupancy is output as two columns, the first containing the plane coordinate (with respect to a section transform) and the second the occupancy. The occupancy may bean area, the number of domains or a binary value (ie 0 or 1). By default the domain is read from the standard input and the occupancy is written to the standard output.
WlzDomainOccupancy -c heart.wlz
Outputs a space seperated list of numbers with two columns. The first column containing the (z) plane coordinate and the second the occupancy of the domain (read from heart.wlz) for that plane.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) Wlz3DSectionOcc(3) Wlz3DViewTransformObj(3)