Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzExtFFDefGrdExportVTK - exports tensor deformation features to an extended VTK format file.
WlzExtFFDefGrdExportVTK [-h] [-m #] [-o<output file>] [input file]
-h Prints usage information.
-m Value multiplication factor.
-o Output file.
Reads a tensor deformation gradient features compound object file as produced by WlzDefGrdTensorFeatures(1) or WlzDGTensorFeatures(3) and exports the features to an extended legacy ASCII VTK format file. If given all output values are multiplied by the given factor. The feature to export is identified by a single chaacter and must be one of the following:
ID CharacterFeature j Determinant of the Jacobian matrix (default) e eigen system
Here jacobian refers to the determinant of the Jacobian matrix and eigen system to the three eigen values followed by the first two eigen vectors (where the eigen vectors are sorted by increasing eigen value). For the Jacobians the input object must contain Jacobians and the VTK POINT_DATA output is of the form:
  SCALARS jacobian float
  LOOKUP_TABLE default
For the eigen system input object must contain both eigen values and eigen vectors; the POINT_DATA output is of the form:"
  FIELD eigen_system float 1 6
  <l00> <l01> <l02> <e001> ... <e012>
n number of points
j0 Jacobian of at the first point
l0i i'th eigen value at the first point
e0ijj'th component of the i'th eigen vector at the first point
Only the first two eigen vectors are output, the remaining eigen vector, is redundant since it is orthogonal to the first two. By default files are read from the standard input and written to the standard output.
WlzExtFFDefGrdExportVTK -o features.vtk features.wlz
Reads tensor deformation gradient features from features.wlz and writes the Jacobians to an ASCII VTK file features.vtk.
WlzExtFFDefGrdExportVTK.c "WlzExtFFDefGrdExportVTK.c"
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzExtFFConvert(1) WlzDefGrdTensorFeatures(1)