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Abstract Mouse 

An anatomy ontology that describes 3500+ structures seen throughout mouse embryo development.

The list is hierarchically organised in various 'part-of' relationships in a directed acyclic graph e.g. hindgut endoderm is part of the hindgut, hindgut is part of the gut, or an alternative view: hindgut endoderm is part of gut endoderm, gut endoderm is part of the gut.

The part-of relationships allow flexibility when querying or mining data (e.g. genes expressed in the hindgut endoderm, are also expressed in the gut endoderm or the gut and can be retrieved when any of these terms are used for query).

Numerous common synonyms are also included (e.g. mesencephalon = midbrain), allowing either term to be used for query. It differs from the EMA Anatomy Ontology in that it constitutes just one list for all structures seen throughout development and is NOT overtly divided into 26 separate lists, one for each Theiler stage of development. Thus, it lacks an overt temporal aspect.

The full list of terms in the Abstract Mouse.