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Ontology Definition: TS10

Theiler Stage 10 - Amnion

ts10_1 Gastrulation continues throughout all sub-divisions of this stage and:

Mid Streak (MS): Tissue at the posterior end of the primitive streak bulges into the proamniotic cavity and forms the posterior amniotic fold.  

ts10_1 Late Streak no bud (LSOB): In the mesoderm of the posterior amniotic fold small cavities coalesce to form a single cavity, the exocoelom.

ts10_1 Late Streak early bud (LSEB): The allantoic bud first appears, gastrulation continues and the node becomes visible.

7 dpc (range 6.5-7.5)  
Downs & Davies  MS-LS  midstreak to late streak  
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Carnegie - Stage 8 (human - stage table)
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Scale bar in microns.