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Ontology Definition: TS17

Theiler Stage 17 - Deep lens indentation


The most obvious distinguishing features are the deepening of the lens pit, with a narrowing of it's outer pore-like opening, and the first appearence of the physiological umbilical hernia. The 1st branchial arch is conspicuously divided into it maxillary and mandibular components. There is advanced development of the brain tube and the tail elongates and thins.

Absent: nasal pits.


10.5 dpc (range 10-11.25)
35-39 somite pairs

Witschi Stage 24-25 (rat - stage table)
Carnegie - Stage 13 , Stage 14 , Stage 15 , (human - stage table)
Virtual Human Embryo - Stage 13 , Stage 14 , Stage 15

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