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Ontology Definition: TS19

Theiler Stage 19 - Lens vesicle completely separated from surface


The lens vesicle becomes completely closed and detached from the ectoderm. The peripheral margins of the eye become well defined. The forelimbs are seen to be divided into two regions, the proximal part consisting of the future limb-girdle and arm and the more peripheral part which forms a circular or paddle-shaped handplate (anterior footplate). The medial and lateral margins of the otic pit are coming together reducing the entrance to a narrow slit and the auditory hillocks become visible.

Absent: retinal pigmentation, signs of fingers.


11.5 dpc (range 11-12.25)
45-47 somite pairs

Witschi Stage 26-27 (rat - stage table)
Carnegie - Stage 16 , (human - stage table)
Virtual Human Embryo - Stage 16

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