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Ontology Definition: TS21

Theiler Stage 21 - Anterior footplate indented


The distal borders of the anterior and posterior footplates are now indented and the digit widths and locations can be discerned. The elbow and wrist are now identifiable. The pinna rapidly develops and forms a crest at right angles to the head. Five rows of vibrissae are visible as well as a prominant hair follicle over the eye and another over the ear. The lens vesicle has lost it's lumen. The physiological umbilical hernia is prominent.

Absent:hair follicles, distally separate fingers.


13 dpc (range 12.5-14)
52-55 somite pairs

Witschi Stage 29-30 (rat - stage table)
Carnegie - Stage 18 , Stage 19 , (human - stage table)
Virtual Human Embryo - Stage 18 , Stage 19

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