Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzExtFFContourObj - computes a VTK polydata file from a Woolz object.
WlzExtFFContourObj  [-h] [-o<output object>] [-f#] [-F#]
                    [-b] [-g] [-i] [-l] [-L] [-N] [-U]
                    [-p#] [-s#] [-n#] [-v#] [-w#] [<input object>]
-h Prints usage information.
-o Output VTK polydata file name.
-b Compute object boundary contours.
-f Input file format.
-g Compute maximal gradient contours.
-i Compute iso-value contours.
-l Flip orientation (normals will be reversed).
-F Output file format.
-L Use geometry filter.
-N Allow non manifold vertices to be filtered.
-U Use unit voxel size.
-m Generate normals (if possible).
-n Geometry filter itterations.
-p Geometry filter low band value.
-s Geometry filter stop band value.
-v Contour iso-value or minimum gradient value.
-w Contour (Deriche) gradient operator width.
WlzExtFFContourObj computes a contour object from the given Woolz object and saves it using the VTK ascii polydata format. See the documentation for WlzContourGeomFilter(1) for an explaination of the filter parameters. The input object is read from stdin and output data are written to stdout unless filenames are given.
WlzExtFFContourObj -o out.vtk -i -v 100.0 in.wlz
The input Woolz object is read from in.wlz, and the iso-value (iso-value = 100.0) contour is written in VTK ascii polydata format to out.vtk.
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzExtFFConvert(1) WlzContourObj(1) WlzContourGeomFilter(1)