Woolz Image Processing  Version 1.7.5
WlzExtFFImportITKSnapSeg - imports an ITKSnap segmentation to Woolz.
WlzExtFFImportITKSnapSeg [-h] [-o<output file>] [-f<image format>]
                         [-l<label file>] [-b] [<segmentation image>]
-h Prints usage information.
-f Source file format. With simple file names, the format can be inferred from the file extension.
-l ITKSnap segmentation label description file (for stdin use -).
-o Output file.
-b Scub out non-alphanumeric characters replacing them with an underscore in the label name property.
Reads a segmentation image and an optional ITKSnap segmentation label description file, then uses these to create a compound object with domains indexed as for the input image labels. If the label description file is provided then the objects will have their name and grey (for colour) properties set. By default files are read from the standard input (image before labels if the standard input is specified for the labels as well as the image).
WlzExtFFImportITKSnapSeg -l seg.txt seg.nii | WlzExplode -p
Reads the segmentation image from seg.nii using the NIfTI format (inferred from file extension) and the label descriptions in ITKSnap text format from seg.txt. These are then used to create a compound object which is written via a pipe to WlzExplode. WlzExplode creates seperate Woolz domain files, each with the file body of the label description text.
WlzExtFFImportITKSnapSeg.c "WlzExtFFImportITKSnapSeg.c"
See Also
WlzIntro(1) WlzExtFFConvert(1) WlzExplode(1)