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Pecam1 platelet/endothelial cell adhesion molecule 1 ( MGI:97537)
TS15 (9.5 dpc)

Data Images
Figure 3A of Gerety & Anderson, 2002 [PMID:11880349] . Copyright: This image is from Gerety et al., Development 2002;129(6):1397-1410, and is displayed with the permission of The Company of Biologists Limited who owns the Copyright.

Expression pattern clarity: three stars
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Expression Pattern Description
Spatial Annotation:
EMAGE:3383Annotation colour key:  
strong strong      
gene expression moderate moderate    
gene expression weak weak        
gene expression possible possible    
gene expression not detected not detected
wholemount mapping

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Morphological match to the template: three stars
Text Annotation:
cardiovascular system
detected detected
Staining in the vasculature.
Annotation Validation: EMAGE Editor
Detection Reagent
Entity Detected:Pecam1, platelet/endothelial cell adhesion molecule 1 ( MGI:97537)
Notes:The anti-PECAM1 antibody used in this study by Gerety & Anderson, 2002 [PMID:11880349] was an "anti-PECAM1 antibody (clone MEC13.3, Pharmingen, 1:200 overnight at 4�C)". Editor's Note: Pharmingen sell 8 anti-PECAM antisera derived from clone MEC13.3. It is not stated which was used here.
Antibody Type:monoclonal
Raised In:rat
Age:9.5 dpc
Theiler Stage:TS15
Mutations:none (wild-type)
Fixation:4% paraformaldehyde
Secondary Antibody:anti-rat
Labelled with:horse radish peroxidase
General Information
Authors:Gerety SS & Anderson DJ, 2002 [PMID:11880349] . Indexed by GXD, Spatially mapped by EMAGE.
Submitted by:EMAGE EDITOR, Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road, Edinburgh, UK EH4 2XU
Experiment type:non-screen
References:[ PMID:11880349] Gerety SS, Anderson DJ 2002 Cardiovascular ephrinB2 function is essential for embryonic angiogenesis. Development (129):1397-410
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