EMAGE Collaborations

We collaborate with numerous international projects producing gene expression data or gene expression database infrastructures:


Dr Martin Ringwald: Mouse Genome Informatics, Jackson Laboratory, USA.

Dr Martin Ringwald and the GXD programme within the division of informatics at the Jackson Laboratory has collaborated with EMAP from the beginning of the program with the goal of providing complementary and interoperable gene-expression resources for the mouse community. The EMAP Anatomy Ontology (via the mouse nomenclature database) has been incorporated into the GXD gene-expression database.


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EURExpress: an EU FP6 funded project.

A transcriptome-wide acquisition of expression patterns chiefly by means of in situ hybridisation (ISH) with non-radioactive probes. This collection of ~20,000 gene expression patterns were cpatured by RNA in situ hybridisation on sagittal sections of E14.5 wild type murine embryos. These data were made accessible using the EURExpress interactive digital transcriptome atlas of embryonic mouse, and were subsequently spatially mapped and archived in the EMAGE database.


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GUDMAP: a NIH/NIDDK funded project.

This project has built the GUDMAP molecular anatomy atlas and the GUDMAP in situ and microarray gene expression database to facilitate our understanding of genitourinary (GU) development and disease. The GUDMAP atlas is linked to the gene expression database, cell catalogue and other relevant resources. Together they provide a platform for modeling the processes of development, disease, and therapy.


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EuReGene: an EU FP6 funded project.

An estimated 4.5 Million Europeans suffer from renal disorders. The death rate in patients with renal failure is 20% annually. The goal of this project is to discover genes responsible for renal development and disease, their proteins and their actions. To achieve this goal, a consortium of leading scientists, clinicians and SME partners has focussed on the development of novel technologies and discovery tools in functional genomics and their application to kidney research



DGEMap: an EU FP6 funded project.

The first ever "Design Study" for a pan-European research infrastructure dedicated to the analysis of gene expression patterns in early human development. Newcastle University (UK) was granted the coordination of DGEMap by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme.



FaceBase: a NIH funded pilot study.

The EMAGE FaceBase collection includes 3D OPT image data depicting mRNA in situ hybridisation patterns for ~500 genes involved in craniofacial development at several stages of development. This work was produced in the laboratories of Dr David FitzPatrick (MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh) and Dr Mike Dixon (School of Dentistry, Manchester University) and was funded as part of the NIDCR P50 DE016215-01 Craniofacial Anomalies Research Center.



e-CHICKATLAS: a BBSRC funded project.

e-ChickAtlas provides a 3D anatomical atlas of chick development, plus a gene expression database describing expression patterns of key regulatory genes. Expression data includes 3D OPT image data at multiple stages of development.


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