Search Methods

EMAGE expression data can be searched by embryo region, anatomical structure name or by gene/protein. You can also search for similar expression patterns to one already housed in EMAGE. Here are some demo movies showing how:

  • Search with a spatial region
  • 05:19
  • 3.4MB (Quicktime)
  • Search with a named anatomical structure
  • 01:03
  • 0.7MB (Quicktime)
  • Search with a gene symbol or name
  • 03:29
  • 2.2MB (Quicktime)
find similar icon
  • Find similar exp patterns to one in EMAGE
  • 00:40
  • 0.7MB (Quicktime)



For a detailed explanation of the concept of the EMAGE framework and the logic used in data annotation and querying, read this pdf document (5MB).


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