Data Distribution in EMAGE

Annotated data in EMAGE is dispersed across the 4 dimensions of the spatio-temporal framework of the EMAP Anatomy Atlas. Spatial data annotations are also dispersed between those for WM data and those for section data. The spread of data across embryo development time is shown below (segregated into WM and section data) - correct as of Oct 2008:


Current manual annotation efforts remain focused on increasing gene coverage of WM data for mid-gestation stages (i.e. between TS15 and TS18). During 2009, the genome-wide scale dataset from EURExpress will be imported into EMAGE. The data distribution will change as such:



The planned formation of the MGEIR will also allow several thousand more text annotated data entries (annotated by staff at GXD) to be searched through EMAGE search interfaces.


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